5 Reasons That Walking Is the Best Meditation


Meditation can take many forms. If sitting still does not suit you, you do not have to. Meditation can also be used as a meditation, which helps the body to synchronize with the mind while connecting with nature.

In addition, walking helps us to focus on one thing only. If you focus only on your breathing while walking, all your senses will be involved.

Walking reduces stress

When you feel very stressed at the end of the day, there is nothing better than walking. The speed and the duration of the walk do not matter. This way you get a break from everyone and everything, at least temporarily.

Improves mood

Walking stimulates the secretion of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, and thus reduces the chances of depression. Play your favorite music on headphones and everything will be better.

The walk wakes up the whole body

Even if you are in a good mood, you do not have to sit all day. Your body needs movement to circulate blood.

Ideal if you find it difficult to relax

If you are a nervous person who is constantly on the move and can not sit still during meditation, walking is made for you.

10 minutes are enough

If you think that walking is effective only if you walk long and fast, you are wrong. Even 10 minutes is enough to encourage you to continue this practice every day.


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