A mysterious businessman bet $ 5 million on Trump’s victory


The biggest political bet in the world has fallen, and it refers to the forecast for the outcome of the American elections. A mysterious businessman from Great Britain bet five million dollars that he will win Donald Trump with odds of 37/20.

The millionaire used private betting channels, registered in the Caribbean, and before deciding to deposit a large sum – consulted with forecasts (Trump Camp Insiders).

If Trump wins, the businessman could receive almost $ 15 million.

But he is not the only millionaire to bet on the US election results in this way. A rich man invested a million pounds ($ 1.29 million) betting on the victory of his opponent Joe Biden… If Biden wins, this millionaire will get another half a million pounds.

The ordinary world is betting, and when all is said and done, the biggest bookmakers, Ladbrooks and Sportsbet, will lose about $ 10 million each if Trump wins a second term at the helm of the United States.


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