American women are less likely to decide to become pregnant


New research shows that because of coronavirus, women in the United States are less likely to decide to become pregnant and give birth.
At the same time, research shows that many women find it difficult to access contraceptives during this period.

“With the introduction of restrictive measures, in a relatively short period of time, the pandemic has affected the opinions of many women regarding their decisions about when they want to become mothers and how many children they want to have,” said Dr. Laura Lindberg.

The study included about 2,000 sexually active women. The survey was conducted in the first week of May this year, when almost the whole world was in domestic isolation.

One third of the respondents indicated an attempt to delay the planned pregnancy or for a smaller number of children. This is especially true for women in American minorities, often due to financial problems. Many women, regardless of which social group they belong to, have experienced more difficult access to contraception. Because of the pandemic, the same problems occur when women want to see a doctor.
This trend could lead to a decline in birth rates, scientists say.


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