Brutally abused: Mel B draws attention to domestic violence in a short film


The pictures are shocking: the former Spice Girl Mel B has starred in a short film that deals with violence against women. The 45-year-old says she was the victim of a brutal man for years.

He pulls her hair, strangles her, beats her until she is unconscious on the floor: The pictures are frightening pictures of singer Mel B. The former Spice Girl has been campaigning against domestic violence for several years and is the official ambassador of “Women’s.” Aid “. Together with the charity, Mel B has now published a video that is supposed to point out the terrible extent of violence against women.

According to a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), at least one in three women worldwide will be the victim of physical or sexual violence at some point in their lives. The numbers have risen since the corona pandemic and the associated lockdown measures. In addition to the reported cases, there is a high number of unreported cases and many fates that remain undiscovered.

Mel B and “Women’s Aid” also want to point this out. In the almost five-minute video , the 45-year-old plays a woman who is severely abused by her partner. Before going out in public, she hides her bruises and scratches with lots of make-up. So the abuse is not visible, at least externally, friends and acquaintances believe they see a happy couple. 

At the very end, Mel B, badly marked by the abuse, tries to flee from her brutal partner. In addition to the violent images, the film is accompanied by gentle piano sounds by the British-Italian pianist Fabio D’Andrea.

Mel B experienced domestic violence in the marriage herself

“It seems weird to say that I’m proud to show something so brutal and disturbing. But my mission is to draw attention to what so many women experience every day, every week, every month of their lives,” Mel B told the UK news agency PA. On Instagram she wrote about the video: “This is what domestic violence and abuse looks like, behind all the mock laughter and controlled kisses: traumatizing, ugly and destructive. It happens behind closed doors. This video is my truth.”

The mother of three has spoken several times in recent years about the fact that she too had experienced emotional and physical abuse during her ten-year marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte. The 45-year-old is said to have humiliated, beaten and strangled her. Belafonte denied all allegations. The couple divorced since 2017.


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