Covid measures: Tourists in Thailand will wear a smart bracelet that measures body temperature and reveals their location


If you decide to go to Thailand in the midst of a pandemic, you will have to wear a bracelet that looks like a smartwatch, in order to monitor your location and your health.

At the end of October, the Thai authorities decided that all tourists entering the country will be given a Smart Band, which they will have to wear during their stay.

This device will monitor the location of tourists, but will also measure their temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. If the ring detects a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees, it will immediately notify nearby hospitals.

In this way, medics will be able to respond immediately – they will locate him immediately, test the patient and completely reduce the possibility of him infecting someone else.

Reportedly, the ring will be of great benefit to tourists and will show them which places around them are under quarantine, and will give them directions to other locations, such as hospitals or police.

In October, Thailand opened its borders to foreign tourists for the first time, and only to those who have a special tourist visa, introduced during the pandemic.

According to sources, the bracelet will be worn by tourists who entered the country with a special tourist visa (STV), and the decision should be valid from November.

It is not yet known whether tourists will have to wear the bracelet all the time, nor is it known whether they will have to pay anything for it.


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