FANS ARE CONFUSED – Michael Jackson is still alive?


Ever since ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson’s death in June 2009, his fans across the world have tried to keep his legacy alive — be it through musical tributes, active social media presence.

Michael Jackson was the king of pop – but this doppelganger is by far the king of lookalikes. And he has achieved the spitting image of the late star without any surgery whatsoever.

“I was bullied in high school because I looked so much like Michael Jackson,” said the young Englishman, who now works as an influencer and a double to Michael Jackson. Fabio Jackson posted photos to prove he did not have plastic surgery.

________________ Michael Jackson __________________________________Fabio Jackson________________

Fabio Jackson (28) from England has become very popular on social networks due to his incredible physical resemblance to the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, and many of his followers accuse him of having plastic surgery to look like the famous musician.

Fabio bears the same last name as the famous musician, and to prove that the physical resemblance is completely natural, he published several photos of himself as a child.

The boy who used social media says that in high school he was regularly confused with the famous pop singer.

“In high school I was compared to Michael Jackson, and today that happens much more often. I was bullied because I looked a lot like him, and as you can see from my recordings, nothing has changed in my appearance.

“I have grown, my jaw has become more pronounced, my teeth are far apart, but my eyes are the same and yes, I always have long hair like Michael,” he said.

Watch the video in which Fabio shows childhood photos:

Fabio decided to use what looks too much like Michael Jackson, so he works as a double of the famous singer.

He posts videos on social media in which he dances just like the king of pop music, and many of his followers comment on the incredible resemblance.


“I told my mother that Michael Jackson was alive, he did not believe me,” “You have the internet in heaven,” “Incredible,” some of the comments read.

Take a look at Fabio’s photos and judge for yourself if he underwent plastic surgery or if it is an incredible physical resemblance:


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