Having a daughter is bad karma and 14 more facts about Bali life


If a woman gives birth only to girls, it entitles her husband to take a second wife, even though polygamy is officially forbidden in Bali.

Olya Solnechnaya (33) is a girl from Russia who moved to Bali 5 years ago.

From a stable job in the financial sector, she decided to become a freelancer and work from the beach in the shade of a palm tree. Otherwise, she primarily changed her place of residence to heal her love wounds.

She reveals details of life on this famous island on her Instagram account and reveals the other side of this paradise destination.

He says that Bali is not just an ocean, waves and sun and conveys details of the life of the locals:
The locals want you to show them respect and do not tolerate arrogance at all, so if you treat them badly in the professional field for example they will never cooperate with you again.

They never say “No” and then come up with excuses or answer “Come on, tomorrow”.

They are cold towards animals, ie cats and dogs are treated in the same way as if they were wild animals, they do not think that the dog is better than the snake.

Unless you are a surfer, it is very likely that you will not like the beaches because there are waves, ridges and tides, which make it quite difficult to swim.

Having a son is considered a great achievement, but having a daughter means that parents need to improve their karma.

If a woman gives birth only to girls, it entitles her husband to take a second wife, even though polygamy is officially forbidden in Bali.

Children are not forbidden anything, and it is strange that they are not spoiled, for example, there are no children who cry in the markets asking to buy something.

The children’s birthdays are not celebrated, except for the 1st birthday for which a huge celebration is being prepared.

When a person is sick, no one feels sorry for him, it is considered that it is the result of bad karma, so they are ashamed to even say that they are sick. When they get sick, they look for the guilt in themselves, not in the world around them.

If your skin is very white, then the prices will be higher for you, so you should try to bargain.

The traditional houses of Bali are next to the rice fields, so the windows and doors are usually left completely open so that if a snake enters it feels free to leave, and not trapped, to attack the owners.

In all gardens there are banana stems whose fruit is used for food, and leaves as a tray or food for animals.

For them, the family is the center of society, not the individual, so men often vote on behalf of the whole family.

Women carry baskets of food, fruit, heavy suitcases, and even building materials.

In Bali you are either in love or you do not love him, there is no environment, everyone who lives on the island simply adores him, and those who find it difficult to adapt fly to another country.


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