In which country is it best and in which the worst to be a woman?


When it comes to equality, no country on the planet still has everything it takes to say that there is no need to fight anymore and that women can be carefree and equal in every sense.

Two years ago, the results of a study were published on where, worldwide, women are best and where they are worst.

The Institute for Women, Peace and Security at Georgetown University, in collaboration with the Oslo Peace Research Institute, took into account global differences between countries when measuring women’s participation in society, feelings of security and exposure to discrimination, which are key indicators of the position of women in an environment.

Along with three other subcategories, these indicators should show us how much women have been empowered or not empowered in a society.

When it came to women’s inclusion, country government representatives, cell phone use, employment, access to finance and education were taken into account, while the sense of security was analyzed for communications security, organized violence and partner violence. while the third group included sexism, discriminatory norms and anti-discrimination laws.

The results of the research pointed to large differences in the position of women between countries, but also to the fact that there is no country in the world with a perfect result, nor with a completely negative one.

Which country is the best place to live for women?

According to the report, Norway came in first, as the country where it is best to be a woman, while Switzerland took second place and Finland third.

It is followed by Denmark, Iceland, Austria, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Sweden, the Netherlands and Canada. Quite unexpectedly, the United States, which is usually considered the most prominent fighter for equality on many issues, took 19th place.

Which country is the worst place to live for women?

It’s hardest for women in Yemen, a country that ranks 167th, followed by Afghanistan, but it should be noted that the research was done long before the Taliban regime, known for its brutality against women, was established. .

They are followed by Syria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, Libya …


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