Instagram is testing an option for longer videos in the stories


Instagram has launched a 60-second video life test in Stories, which will mean that longer videos will no longer be split into 15-second segments and played in various frames.

The option is currently being tested with a small group of users, in order to provide greater creative freedom and integration of the various video options of the application to simplify its creative tools and functions.

Social media expert Matt Navarra announced on his Twitter account that a big change is being announced regarding Instagram Stories.

According to Navara, this social network for sharing photos introduces a new duration of Instagram Story and they can now last up to 60 seconds, and longer stories can no longer be divided into segments.

“Instagram introduces 60-second stories,” Navara tweeted, and the post quickly began to spread on social media. While the change will surely delight digital content creators, many have already criticized it.

“God, I can barely stand those 15 seconds,” “I hope there will be an acceleration option,” “No, this is too long, maybe thirty seconds would be ideal,” Twitter users wrote.


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