Justin Bieber – video with the most “dislikes”: Celebrities who have broken world records


The celebrities who are the most successful in their field have broken several world records, and there are those who have broken a world record for something completely different from their career.

So while Betty White holds the record for the longest television career, Snoop Dogg holds the record for the largest cocktail made.

In addition, see which celebrities are record holders:

Dwayne Johnson
In 2017, the actor and the team from his production company Seven Bucks Digital Studios broke the record for the largest spread, ie chips sauce. The multi-layer sauce was made in an aquarium, weighed 244 kilograms, and took more than 5 hours to make.

In 2015, however, the actor broke the record for taking the most selfies in 3 minutes – as much as 105. So far, both records have been broken.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber held the record for the most “disliked” YouTube video – the video for the song Baby has 12 million “dislikes” so far.

But Justin also has some impressive records, as the most watched music channel on YouTube and the youngest solo artist with 5 albums that have climbed to the top of the charts in the United States.

The singer has broken several records – the most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in a year, the most nominations at the MTV Music Video Awards, as well as the most Grammy nominations for a female artist. With Jay-Z, on the other hand, they hold the record for most Grammy Awards won by a married couple.


Betty White
The irreplaceable Betty White holds the record for the longest television career in the women’s category. Betty started her career in 1939 and is still active today.

Snoop Dogg
The rapper holds the record for the biggest “Paradise” cocktail. He made the cocktail with 180 bottles of gin, 156 bottles of peach liqueur and 28 three-liter bottles of orange juice.

In 2013, Eminem broke the record for most words in a hit song. It is about the song Rap God, whose lyrics consist of about 1,500 words. The song lasts 6 minutes, and in one part, in just 15 seconds, Eminem says 97 words.

Farrell Williams
The 24 hour video for Happy broke the record for the longest music video. Throughout the video, the song is repeated 300 times. The video has been posted on YouTube in several videos, and you can watch the playlist HERE.

Ariana Grande
The young star has broken as many as 20 world records. In 2019, she became the person with the most Instagram followers.

At the same time, she is the most listened performer on Spotify, where she has the most followers. You can see all of Ariana’s records HERE.

Vin Diesel
With a Facebook post dedicated to his colleague Paul Walker, Vin Diesel broke the record for the most liked post on the social network. The post is from 2013, and now has over 7.9 million likes.

Martin Scorsese
The legendary Hollywood director holds the record for most Oscar nominations for a director who is still alive. He broke the record in 2020, after the 9th nomination for the film The Irishman.


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