Painted in 1962, this picture is titled: LIFE IN 2022. Predictions from the last century for the period in which we live now


We are constantly making predictions about the future. Given how advanced technology is, we can make a million assumptions about what will happen in the next 50 or even 100 years.

But much more interesting are the predictions for the future of the last century, when no one even dreamed of the technological boom in which we live now.

From the illustrations of the past, it is obvious that people were imagining online shopping, video calling and driverless cars, but they probably did not understand how and if we could ever realize that.

Even more interesting are the predictions that are so wrong that they even seem ridiculous.

Here are some predictions for the future made in the last century – some for the present and some for the past:

Illustration from the 1930sVideo call

Navigation system before Google Maps appeared

Illustration from the 1940s – food delivery

In the 1900s, someone thought we would go for water with the help of balloons

“Newspaper on TV: One day you will get the cover of a morning newspaper this way – shown in full on your TV. “Is this possible?”

Illustration from the 1960s – driverless cars

Painted by Walter Molino, this picture is titled: LIFE IN 2022. Perhaps the illustrator predicted the pandemic – a 1962 illustration of life in 2022.

In The Spy Who Loved Me from 1977, James Bond received a message on his “smartwatch”

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