Pregnancy, disease, death – 6 things that dogs can sense


We already know that they are people’s best friends, and that they can sense good or bad moods.

But dogs also have “superpowers” that we do not know about. Here are 6 of them:

  1. They know in front of you that you are pregnant
    Your dog may feel that you are pregnant, even before the test. It can literally feel the change of pregnancy.
  2. Childbirth
    Even more impressive – dogs can feel that you are close to the due date. If you are nearing the end of the pregnancy and the dog does not want to be separated from you, then the delivery is soon and he needs to protect you.
  3. They “listen” to all the changes of the weather
    In addition to their extraordinary sense of smell, and their sharpened ears, they can hear the thunder before the storm reaches you. If the dog suddenly becomes nervous, without any special explanation, it is probably a change of time.
  4. When you get home
    Have you ever wondered how they always know when to greet you when you get home? The explanation again lies in their ability to smell. They can literally smell as you approach home.
  5. Disease
    For many years there have been dogs that have been trained to warn medics when a person is in a life-threatening condition.
  6. Death
    Although they are not discovered by humans and are not well known to us, there are still hormonal changes that occur at the end of life. Well, just as a dog can sense that new life is coming into the world, so it can sense when death is near.


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