She was kicked out of a plane because of her BIG BREAST


The Playboy model, who was taken off a Southwest Airlines plane with her seven-year-old son, is now seeking an official apology from Southwest Airlines, whose staff accuses him of discrimination. She says she was humiliated because of the size of her breasts.

Eva Jay Marie boarded a flight from Dallas, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma, on October 29, when flight attendants asked her and her son to leave the plane.

According to the Instagram star, the employees told her that her low-cut leopard print jumpsuit violates the rules of the airline’s dress code, which prohibits lewd clothes, reports “Daily Mail”.

Eva, who says she spends $ 90,000 a year traveling with Southwest Airlines, claims that the flight attendants not only discriminated against her, but also humanely injured her, all because she attracted attention with her breasts.

She added that the flight attendants could not agree on what the dress code meant and demanded that the airline apologize publicly.

The mother and son were eventually allowed to return to the plane, but only after she put on the flight attendant’s sweater to cover herself. Eva was told that she had to sit in the front row so that other passengers could not see her clothes.


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