The big plan for the first city on Mars has been revealed: 250,000 people will live in it, and here is what it will look like


ABIBOO has revealed an interesting concept of what life on the Red Planet would look like.

The city is called Nuwa and is the first community on Mars, with a population of 250,000.

The construction is planned so that people would have access to sunlight without the risk of overexposure to radiation.

ABIBOO plans to start construction in 2054, and the first inhabitants should move by 2100.

The goal of the project is to build a self-sustaining civilization on the surface of Mars that can survive without the constant transport of food from Earth.

“We will have to do a number of analyzes to try to understand what circumstances await us. We have to face the challenges of Mars, one of them is gravity. Fortunately, there is CO2 and water, that is a big advantage. With the help of water and CO2 we will be able to create carbon, and with the help of steel. “In essence, ABIBOO plans to use only materials from Mars to build the city,” the company said in a statement.


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