These 10 foods are particularly high in zinc


Zinc keeps the body healthy and beautiful. But how can we meet our daily needs for the trace element? It’s easy with these ten foods!

Without zinc, little runs smoothly in our body. The trace element is involved in numerous metabolic processes and a valuable helper in the defense against germs because it strengthens the immune system. More than 200 enzymes depend on zinc. The element occurs in all body tissues and fluids, muscles and bones make up the largest proportion with 60 and 30 percent respectively.

In addition, zinc is considered the most beauty mineral. Because the trace element is particularly concentrated in hair, skin, nails as well as the retina of the eye and the genital organs. Zinc is involved in insulin storage, sperm formation and strengthens the immune system. However, our body cannot produce the trace element itself; it has to be taken in regularly with food. But what foods are there with zinc ? And how do I best absorb the trace element?

Zinc foods: that’s why they’re so important

Despite a healthy diet, zinc deficiency is quite common in world. Infants, adolescents, women and senior citizens, but also vegetarians and athletes, are particularly affected. If there is a lack of zinc, muscles and bones, hair, skin, eyes, organs – basically the whole body – suffer. And this is also noticeable through various symptoms. The substance also helps with colds, as it inhibits the multiplication of certain cold viruses and helps the body to absorb vitamins. So getting enough zinc into the body, especially through food, is extremely important.

Symptoms: how is zinc deficiency noticeable?

Typical signs of a zinc deficiency are lack of drive, weight loss, fatigue, poor concentration or an increased susceptibility to illness. Hair loss, skin problems or brittle fingernails can also indicate a zinc deficiency.

The body has no zinc storage. That is why even a slight zinc deficiency can trigger symptoms. A deficiency occurs more frequently when people abstain from meat or consume massive amounts of phosphate-containing cola drinks or ready-made meals. In addition, certain reduction diets can cause zinc deficiency. The deficiency can usually be remedied quickly through improved nutrition.

How much zinc does the body need per day?

The DEG (German Nutrition Society) recommends that men consume ten milligrams a day, while women consume seven milligrams. But: Zinc should not be overdosed, otherwise there is a risk of nausea, vomiting and symptoms of poisoning. Therefore it is always better to speak to a doctor than to treat yourself with nutritional supplements. In most cases, a balanced diet is sufficient, and overdosing with food is hardly possible.

The most important source of zinc is foods of animal origin

Animal foods, including fish and seafood, often contain larger amounts of zinc than vegetable foods. Offal, in particular, contains a lot of zinc. The human body can also process zinc from animal foods better than that from plant-based foods.

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