This summer is yours: 9 tips for more self-confidence


There are good reasons to enjoy the summer with a lot of self-confidence: Have you always wanted to try something new? Is it finally time for your perfect beach figure? Here are our tips for more self-confidence in summer!

Why is confidence important?

Self-confidence means: accepting yourself. Don’t hide . Themselves so accept how you are. Everyone else is cooler? They are not. Everyone else looks better and is much leaner and more toned? That’s not true. Everyone else look a lot better in their summer outfits? Negative. And besides: everyone else already exists. You, on the other hand, are unique . And that’s really reason enough to bristle with self-confidence.

1. Even the longest journey begins with the first step

The best of the tips for increasing self-esteem: Start by working on your self-esteem. Still today! When summer is just around the corner and you are looking forward to all that it brings with it, is the perfect time to use the time for it full of energy and self-confidence!

Have you decided to do more sports ? You want to eat healthier, but the sweets in the cupboard are too tempting? Would you like to shop your new summer wardrobe, but still want to do something for your figure? Would you like to work on your self-confidence and your personality?

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself . The first step towards more self-confidence and change is the hardest – and the most important. Be the smith of your luck and take the first step today. You will see: it’s worth it!

2. Feel comfortable in your own skin

Summer is the perfect time of year to finally get closer to your goals in the ” Beach figure & more self-confidence” project . You spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air, do a lot of activities with friends and family, enjoy delicious, refreshing and light drinks and heavy food doesn’t really go with the summer feeling either.

So the perfect conditions to make it even easier for you to achieve your goal for more self-confidence with our metabolism cure. With the metabolism cure you get everything you need in terms of nutrients without burdening your body with too many calories . Your metabolism is boosted and adjusts itself for your long-term goal (namely keeping your dream figure).

Select your suitable package and let the supplied cure guide guide you step by step through the metabolic cure . Lose the pounds in summer – the extra kick for your self-confidence!

3. Self-confidence can be learned

You can learn to swim, you can learn languages, you can learn to play the trumpet – and you can also learn to be confident . Do you envy other people’s self-confidence? Would you also like to be the center of every summer party? A few simple exercises and tips for more self-confidence can help:

It begins with the posture and performs on the ability to say no to learn the way to the beautiful routine at least once a day even compliments to make . Learn to be confident and teach yourself to be proud of yourself – and soon you will be radiating that too!

4. Perfection? Not always necessary.

A big obstacle on the way to more self-confidence is perfection . That might sound a bit paradoxical, but it isn’t at all. If you always want to be perfect, in the pursuit of perfection you lose sight of the fact that we are everything, but one thing for sure is not: perfect. Not you, and nobody else either .

Tips for being more confident: Be patient with yourself , silence your inner critics, and allow yourself to be imperfect. And self-confidence increases with serenity. Try it! (It’s not an easy exercise. If you don’t get it right the first time – see earlier in this section.)

5. I’m here – we’re ready to go!

A little exercise for self-confidence: Try to see yourself in the main role of a play. What sounds like a laugh at first is an exciting experiment : Look at yourself from the meta-level: What would your character do now? What would you want from him? Would he confidently walk through the door and greet those present with “I’m here – we’re ready to go!”? This tip can make it easier for you to train your self-confidence in certain situations.

6. Start the day with confidence

If you get up on the wrong foot, the day is over. Especially those who are grumpy in the morning find it difficult to get going in the morning with a lot of drive and self-confidence. At first there is not much to see of self-confidence. From grumpy shuffling into the bathroom to bad-tempered comments towards your partner, everything is included.

But here it comes: With these tips for more self-confidence, even the biggest morning grouch will be able to start the day full of energy :

  • Get enough sleep!
  • If you have the opportunity: after getting up, open the window and let fresh air into the bedroom. This is how you fill up with oxygen and energy!
  • Start your favorite music. (It doesn’t matter if the partner is still sleeping. It’s about your self-confidence!)
  • Establish a morning ritual. Be it the cup of coffee alone in the kitchen, cuddling together in bed, your favorite shower gel in the shower – it’s the little things that turn our routine into valuable everyday moments. In this way you provide a wonderful boost to your self-confidence!
  • Try morning exercise! A couple of beneficial stretching exercises, e.g. B. A few minutes of yoga are balm for body, mind and self-confidence. Are you fit in the morning and full of energy? Great. Running shoes on, get bread. The praise from the partner: An extra point for your self-confidence!
  • The ultimate tip among the tips for more self-confidence, discipline and freshness in the morning: Alternating showers. The rule of thumb is: as cold as possible, as warm as necessary. Hardcore change showers prefer the extreme variant with ice-cold water. We say: it’s your own fault.

7. Realize your goals

Last but not least, self-confidence grows with how you see and evaluate yourself. A very good exercise for more self-confidence is therefore to actually achieve the goals you set yourself, to accept challenges and to master them . Whether everything will work out the way you want it to be is a completely different matter. The important thing is to start with it and see it through. At your own pace, in your own way.

Have you always wanted to hike across Mallorca ? Do you finally want to master the headstand? Do you want to learn a language because you think the country it belongs to is great? Would you like to continue your professional development ? Do you want to learn to be more aware of your self-confidence? Have you always wanted to work with wood? Let’s go! Make your projects a matter close to your heart – and grow with yourself and your tasks. Your self-confidence will thank you!

8. Spring fever in summer

Spring fever in spring is clearly overrated. The real spring fever comes in summer! But it’s no wonder: beach parties, barbecue parties, boat trips, trips to the lake, eating ice cream in the city, summer, sun, good mood , … the opportunities to fall in love in summer are endless.

And what could be nicer than a really crisp summer flirt? We can’t think of anything. And do you know what the most beautiful accessories are that you can decorate yourself with? Your smile and your confidence . Enjoy the summer!

9. You are great the way you are!

With these nine tips for more self-confidence you are already well equipped to make summer the summer of your life. Just get started – the world is waiting for you! And finally, be completely honest with yourself: Review the things that you have already achieved, that you have achieved, that you have done really well.

I bet you can think of a lot. You are great the way you are . Never forget that and be proud of your corners, edges – and your self-confidence!


  • This summer will never return – make it your highlight!
  • You can train self-confidence – get started right away!
  • With the metabolism cure and the DailyShake you will achieve your goal of “beach figure” – uncomplicated and delicious!
  • You are unique and great – with a lot of self-confidence you radiate that too!


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