Wake up without coffee: it works with these natural wake-ups


A coffee in the morning and all the worries are forgotten – unfortunately this is not really the case. Fortunately, natural stimulants are available that are healthier and more effective. Here are 10 natural wake-ups to start the day fit.

Green tea

There is caffeine in green tea . However, the caffeine content is significantly lower than that of coffee. Nevertheless, you will feel a stimulating effect on your circulation after the green tea in the morning . Compared to coffee, green tea is a gentle stimulant whose effects last significantly longer. But that’s not all – with a green tea you are doing something good for your health.

The hot drink contains secondary plant substances that strengthen your health and reduce obesity. The polyphenols have anti-inflammatory effects and can prevent cancer. The green tea boosts your fat burning and thus helps you lose weight . You are killing two birds with one stone if you use the pick-me-up in the early morning to achieve your weight goals quickly.

Hot lemon

hot lemon is very popular with colds or a flu-like infection. A few squeezed lemons and the natural stimulant is ready. You will find a high dose of vitamin C in lemons . This strengthens your immune system and stimulates your metabolism . You can feel the energy boost from a hot lemon all over your body. Drunk immediately after getting up and you can start the day with full swing.

Incidentally, not only the lemon is a stimulant. Rather, you can eat different citrus fruits that will keep you awake. With mandarins, grapefruit, oranges or limes you have a wide range of choices. So there is variety if you use a new citrus fruit every morning as your personal natural wake-up.

Matcha tea

But green tea is by no means the only natural stimulant that will get you fit through the day. Matcha is a well-known superfood that offers you a variety of benefits. A matcha tea in the morning is a real enrichment if consumed regularly . After all, there are vitamins and phytochemicals in the match tea .

The concentration of antioxidants in matcha tea is even higher than in green tea. The antioxidants can protect your cells and prevent some diseases . Thanks to the special preparation, you preserve the valuable ingredients . Matcha is comparatively expensive – as a stimulant, the superfood does its job with flying colors.

Green smoothie

Green smoothies are all the rage. With a delicious green smoothie in the morning you supply your body with important nutrients. Vitamins , minerals and fiber help your body to perform at its best. You can design green smoothies according to your taste. Thanks to the B vitamins in green leafy vegetables, the delicious drinks are popular as stimulants.

In addition to being a stimulant, you benefit from iron , vitamins and the like – not just in the early morning, but throughout the day, the green power drink has its place. By the way , popular ingredients for the green smoothie are baby spinach , lamb’s lettuce , banana , grape , rocket and Co. – the right mix of green vegetables and fruity fruit is not only healthy, but also really tasty.

Ginger booster

The well-known ginger tuber is one of the healthiest foods in the world. No wonder that ginger has been integrated more and more into the home kitchen for many years. A ginger shot or ginger water stimulates your circulation in the morning. The spiciness of ginger helps you start the day fit. In addition, the preparation is not difficult at all.

You simply boil water and pour it over the chopped ginger slices – after a few minutes you have your delicious ginger tea – a real energy booster . In addition to using it as a natural stimulant, you benefit from the diverse nutrients . Because ginger contains vitamin C, magnesium, iron, potassium and other plant substances. These have an antibacterial effect and also inhibit the multiplication of viruses. So a ginger water in the morning really dispels grief and worries!

Fresh fruit

The WHO recommends up to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day . If you don’t start early in the morning, you’ll be left out. Fresh fruits can provide you with quick energy in the morning and also offer valuable vitamins. A fresh fruit salad, a fruity smoothie or a crunchy apple are real stimulants that should definitely not be missing in everyday life.


Hot spices have an invigorating effect and stimulate the circulation . Since heat wakes you up, the chilli should not be missing from this list. As a healthy pick-me-up, you can incorporate the chilli into your meals. The contrast between sweetness and sharpness ensures a real taste explosion in a morning smoothie bowl. In addition, the chilli also stimulates your metabolism, so that your excess kilos tumble in the future.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Most people only know apple cider vinegar from cooking. The sour taste is certainly not right for everyone. Anyone who dares to use apple cider vinegar as a stimulant will be pleasantly surprised. The intense taste gives you a real boost of energy . In addition, the vinegar regulates your blood sugar so that cravings are a thing of the past. If you want to use apple cider vinegar as a pick-me-up, you should by no means get cocky.

A whole bottle of apple cider vinegar is not only not tasty, it can also irritate your gastrointestinal tract . A little apple cider vinegar with water is the best way to start the day in good shape. With a few drops of agave syrup you can sweeten your power drink so that you won’t want to go without the natural stimulant from now on.


The turmeric tuber is one of the most popular superfoods. Most people know the yellow tuber from the popular curry spice . With a small turmeric shot in the morning or a turmeric plant milk you start the day full of enthusiasm. In addition to its function as a wake-up call, the super tuber is simply healthy.

The antioxidant effect of the Asian spice, the anti-inflammatory properties and the lower risk of cancer -, heart – circulation and brain disorders are probably reason enough henceforth to drink every day a turmeric stimulant.


Last but not least – water . It couldn’t be easier, but water is a real wonder drug. If you want to rely on a natural stimulant, you can drink a large glass of water early in the morning . If your body does not have enough fluids, it quickly becomes sluggish and tired . In the event of a physical or mental depression, a glass of water is therefore the method of choice.

In addition, drinking gives you another benefit. Your body desperately needs new fluids early in the morning . On average, you lose half a liter of fluid every night – you should compensate for this loss in the morning in order to start the day full of vigor.

Conclusion – Fit for the day with natural wake-up calls

  • Coffee isn’t the perfect wake-up. The inner restlessness after consumption and the short-lasting effects are significant disadvantages.
  • Different types of tea such as ginger tea, green tea or matcha tea are ideal as stimulants.
  • Fresh fruit and green smoothies provide you with vitamins and get you healthy and happy through the day.
  • Chilli, matcha, ginger and the like are not just natural stimulants. In addition, the miracle drugs will help you lose weight effectively.
  • A simple stimulant is water. Since the body loses fluids at night and is consequently sluggish, you should drink a large glass of water in the morning.


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