What does incognito search mean?


Your web browser seems to know more about you than some of your friends. It’s weird how you look for some information and suddenly you see search-related ads everywhere. But if you think incognito mode can completely protect your privacy, you are wrong.

Even this mode has some limitations. When you use this mode, you get a message that you can search privately and other users on the same device will not be able to see your searches. However, downloads are saved.

Chrome will not save the following:

  • search history;
  • cookies and data from websites;
  • information entered in forms.

However, your activity will still be visible to:

  • the websites you visit;
  • the employer or the school that owns the device;
  • ISP.

What does this mean?

Browsers usually store all the web addresses of the web pages you visit to make them easier to find next time. In incognito mode, the browser works differently. Search history will not be saved locally, but activities are not completely private.

The browser also stores some cookies on web pages. In incognito search, cookies can provide information for advertising companies that want to understand how you use the Internet in order to offer you better products. When in incognito mode, the browser does not collect cookies for detailed information about advertising companies.

However, it is crucial to understand that using this mode does not make you anonymous. The search in this mode can be monitored by ISPs and employers. If your Google Account is enabled, your browser is still tracking your search.


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