Who is Jill Biden, the new potential first lady of the United States?

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Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, wants to modernize her role as first lady by continuing to work as a teacher if she takes on the role.

“Most American women constantly combine work and private life, but the first ladies were never allowed to do this.

“Maybe the time has come for most Americans to feel comfortable with a first lady who is not available 24 hours a day at the White House,” said Jill, a history professor.

Jill Biden, 69, has been a trusted advisor to her older husband for years. If her husband wins the US election, she is expected to be committed to education.

She is a mother and grandmother, and Biden’s greatest support after the tragedies that befell Joe in his life.

Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter died in a 1972 car accident. He was left alone with his two sons who were injured in the accident.

Who is actually Jill Jacobs Biden?
She was born in 1951 and grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Her father was a bank teller, and her mother was a housewife.

She divorced her first husband when she met Biden. A widower who traveled daily from Delaware to Washington where he worked as a senator.

They married in 1977, and four years later had a daughter, Ashley.

Daughter Ashley with husband Howard

Jill holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate, she teaches at the University of Virginia.

With Biden, he went through two unsuccessful presidential candidacies, eight years as vice president and the death of his son Boa, who lost his battle with cancer.

Her husband describes her as a committed and strong woman, and she points out that he is a real fighter, especially during crises, so he thinks he would pull America out of the crisis.

“How do you form a broken family?” In the same way that you can unite an entire nation. With love, understanding and compassion. Courage. “Unwavering faith,” said Jill, a woman who may have the opportunity to redefine America’s first lady.


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